No matter what your personal style of communication, you influence people on a daily basis…at home, at work, with friends, managing a team, or even starting a new venture. This interactive presentation will help you build and maintain long-term relationships to achieve optimal business results through five steps:

  1. Setting a verbal agenda effectively
  2. Asking the right questions to determine value
  3. Presenting with value
  4. Gaining agreement on key issues
  5. Positioning the relationship for future partnerships

Being consistent in your plans and communications builds credibility.  Becoming a person of influence has long-reaching benefits of trust, respect, inclusion, and being the person others want input from.


Original broadcast September 15, 2015 

Instructor Bio ~ Cindy Moran
Specializing in Human Capital Strategy, Cindy Moran brings 20+ years of experience in Learning and Development to her work with clients spanning a wide variety of industries nation-wide.  Her expertise includes talent acquisition and development, leadership and succession planning.