Windows and Mac OS X are not the only operating systems available to run your computer. The Linux operating systems have been an option for over 20 years and are available for free to computer users around the world. In this workshop we’ll cover the basics by discussing the history of Linux, demonstrating how to install it on your computer, and look at some of the open-source applications available for use with Linux. 

Todd McBride ~ Biography
Todd McBride is a systems administrator, webmaster, computer technician, and musician. His IT experience spans several industries from Finance, to Education, to Healthcare. He currently is an IT Operations Analyst for CarePlus Health Plans in Tampa, FL helping to maintain both Unix and Windows 2008 servers. His interests include cutting-edge technology and how it best can be used to improve organizational efficiency. This includes a focus on simplifying the sometimes overwhelming number of free technological resources available today to enable your business and organization.

Originally broadcast 02/05/2014