Trauma-informed care can help inform our library spaces and services by giving us the skills we need to serve our diverse communities equitably. A trauma-informed library understands the unique needs of trauma survivors, provides positive service, and unbiased information. This webinar will introduce trauma-informed principles and how they can be applied to library spaces and services to create opportunities for healing.

Participants will be able to:

  • Describe the importance of trauma-informed care in library spaces and services.
  • Identify some ways trauma-informed principles can be demonstrated in libraries.
  • Consider the ways in which we can move towards healing with deliberate choices through a trauma-informed lens.

Presenter: Karina Hagelin

Karina Hagelin is a disabled, queer femme, artist, community organizer, and librarian currently based in Ithaca, New York where they work at Cornell University as an Outreach and Instruction Librarian. They are also a First-Year Academic Librarian blogger for the ACRLog.

As an artist, their work is grounded in radical vulnerability, queer femme magic, survivor solidarity, healing justice, and gossip as a site of resistance.  They are passionate about fatshion, critical librarianship, cats, and queer zines. Their research interests include American Studies, harm reduction, critical disability studies, queer theory, and zines / zine librarianship.

You can find out more about their work at karinakilljoy.com.

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