We all need to play! Most grown-ups, stuck in the repetitive cycle of #adult-ing, forget that play is just as important for adults as it is for children. This interactive and informative program will outline the need for play in adult lives and demonstrate how play helps maintain adult brains, bodies, and spirits. Using the work of the National Institute of Play, we will explore the seven patterns of play. Additionally, we will examine and celebrate ways that Library programming is bringing play to the forefront in our patrons’ lives and explore ways that libraries might expand this initiative.

Original broadcast July 2, 2020 

Biography ~ Melissa Cast-Brede

Melissa Cast-Brede is an associate professor at the University of Nebraska Omaha (UNO) in the undergraduate library science program. Previously, Dr. Cast-Brede served as education librarian at UNO, and other universities in the Midwest where she oversaw the development of psychology, education, and children’s and young adult collections. Additionally, she served as the Director of Member Services with the Association of College and Research Libraries. Last year, Dr. Cast-Brede received the Alumni Outstanding Teaching award.

Erica Rose is Library Science Faculty and Program Coordinator for UNO’s undergraduate library science program and she is very excited about 21st century librarianship. Her teaching and research interests include library leadership, community engagement, advocacy and children’s literature. Before coming to higher education, she spent many years working in libraries of all flavors. Whether serving in the field or in the college classroom, she strives to infuse joy into education and public service.