Are you ready for new strategies to reach underserved communities? Do you want to convert non-users into your biggest fans? Come learn how to move people up the engagement ladder by using innovative tactics borrowed from philanthropy, political campaigns, and big data. You’ll also learn how to cultivate new audiences and deepen relationships to maximize your library’s impact.

Libraries have no shortage of ways to reach out to community members – tried and true tactics that are effective when preaching to the choir. To get new or deeper engagement, libraries need to re-frame their work and align outreach, marketing, communication, and social media efforts.

This informative program will show participants how to create an engagement plan that maps out all the ways libraries and people interact and how to identify opportunities for increased impact. We will discuss how to reach non-users and underserved groups and what works to increase awareness with these groups. Finally, we’ll give examples of “moves management” strategies borrowed from philanthropy and ways to create pathways for increased engagement.

As a result of this program, attendees will learn:
• How to create an engagement plan to identify opportunities for high-touch, high-impact with their community
• How to research and gather data to identify and understand user and non-user groups
• What motivates various groups to use the library and how to learn about the needs of the various groups
• How to use an engagement plan to create incentives to increase engagement

This session is for public libraries with a clear strategic plan and/or a desire to increase community engagement (either by deepening current patron relationships or attracting non-users and underserved groups).


Original broadcast May 13, 2021 



Presenter ~ Amanda Standerfer
Amanda Standerfer, Founder and Lead Consultant at Fast Forward Libraries: Amanda Standerfer (MA, MLIS) is passionate about helping libraries advance so they can create meaningful impact in their communities. Since 2002, Amanda has served as a consultant and facilitator, working with libraries on strategic planning, fundraising, organizational development, and capacity building. Amanda is the founder and lead consultant for Fast Forward Libraries, a project of Standerfer Consulting. Currently, Amanda is also the Director of Development & Promotion at The Urbana Free Library. Previously, she was the Program Officer for the Lumpkin Family Foundation, Head of the Adult Division at the Decatur (Illinois) Public Library, and the Director of the Effingham (Illinois) Public Library.

Presenter  ~ Rachel Fuller
Rachel Fuller, Director of Adult and Youth Services at the Urbana Free Library: Rachel Fuller (M.Ed., MLIS) has held leadership roles in school and public libraries since 2011, with experience ranging from solo librarian to her current role as Director of Adult & Youth Services at The Urbana Free Library. A former IHLS board member, two-time ILEAD USA instructor, Rachel is passionate about library services in Illinois. In her free time, Rachel enjoys designing her own knitwear, spending time with her cat, Goldie (affectionately called Meow), and listening to audiobooks.