Want to learn about grant opportunities and tips for getting started with grant work? This webinar is for you! Perfect for the beginning grant writer and organizations looking to take grant writing leap, we will cover the basics and show you easy ways to go after your first grant.

Did You Know: Some grant proposals are only 1-2 pages and can be a great way to get practice?

In this interactive and fun webinar program, you will learn the basic process of grant work, including where to look for funding sources and what key elements go into a great proposal.

Participants will be able to:

  • Apply the basic 
  • Develop grant projects using community needs & planning
  • Find library grant funding sources
  • Write a proposal funders will love

Stephanie Gerding’s grant webinars are known for being easy to understand, motivating, fun and full of valuable tips and resources.



Original broadcast November 19, 2015

Instructor Bio ~ Stephanie Gerding
Stephanie Gerding is an internationally known consultant, librarian, author, and trainer. She has in-depth knowledge and practical experience with grants, having worked on all sides of the grant process as a grant writer, reviewer, and project coordinator. She plans and conducts training for thousands of participants around the world, including at national library conferences (such as ALA, PLA, Internet Librarian, and others). Stephanie is the author of three books, including Winning Grants and The Accidental Technology Trainer, as well as over 20 professional library articles on fundraising.