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Want to know one of my biggest pet peeves about marketing? When the terms “PR” and “marketing” get confused, mixed up, and our practice and expectations get out of whack. Let’s fix that today! We will talk about the basics of PR (including building good media relations), its place in the marketing cycle, what PR can (and maybe can’t) do for libraries, best practices for the way media works today, basic elements for your PR toolkit, and how setting clear expectations for PR can lead to greater success.


  • Know the difference between PR activities and promotion activities, as part of the marketing cycle.
  • Learn what a ‘hook’ is and be able to identify other elements of an engaging press release
  • Identify elements of the PR and media kit your library should have or what your library needs to add to existing elements.
  • Set clear expectations for PR efforts and identify one SMART goal for a library PR campaign.

Audience + Skill Level:
Library staff, managers, directors and all who are engaged in communication efforts for library marketing and outreach. Beginner knowledge level of marketing.

Presenter ~ Jennifer E. Burke

Jennifer E. Burke is president of IntelliCraft Research LLC (www.intellicraftresearch.com), a strategic marketing consultancy for libraries, in Philadelphia. She holds a B.S. in Communications with a TV/Film minor from Northwestern University, an M.S.L.I.S. from Drexel University, and spent 5 years as an IMLS Fellow in Drexel’s Information Studies Ph.D. program working on digital libraries and education. As a former advertising/marketing executive she’s capable of speaking, and translating, both “marketing-ese” and “library lingo”. She helps libraries become more strategic storytellers and avoid marketing headaches. She’s a member of several professional library associations, is a frequent presenter at major conferences, and is currently President of the Board for the nonprofit Library Marketing Conference Group (responsible for the Library Marketing and Communications Conference). Her email address is jburke@intellicraftresearch.com.

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