We are typically taught to “look at the glass half full”, and “you can catch more flies with honey than with vinegar”. But what if that wasn’t completely true? What if anxiety, frustration, anger, boredom and all of those emotions we view as negative, could reap positive benefits?

This interactive and fun webinar will use examples and research to reframe society’s “common sense” on negative behavior. You will learn ways that your negative emotions, and those displayed by your co-workers, can spur greater creativity and efficiency, and help you reach a more whole work experience.

Participants will learn about:

  • The surprising benefits to such personality traits as narcissism, anxiety and sociopathy in yourself and with others you work for
  • How boredom, anger and frustration can fuel success
  • Tips and tricks on how to reframe and react to negative behavioral traits


Original broadcast December 10, 2015

Instructor Bio ~ Carrie Rogers-Whitehead
Carrie is a Senior Librarian with Salt Lake County Library Services. In 2011 she created the first Sensory Storytime for youth with special needs in the state of Utah, later winning the Utah Librarian of the Year for her work. In 2013 she was awarded a federal grant for ipads and apps to work with those with special needs. Carrie has trained extensively on this subject to libraries, service providers, parents, and has presented twice at Utah Valley University’s annual autism conference.