Romance readers are voracious and as librarians, we need to keep up with their appetites. Trends in romance shift and change, and if you’re not an avid reader of the genre you may not be up to date on what books are hot.

Public librarian and romance devotee Amy Dittmeier will explore current trends and authors that all romance readers can enjoy and will discuss the slow work publishers are doing to make the genre more diverse.

In this steamy and informative program, attendees will:

• Learn what makes a romance novel and how the modern romance novel has evolved into what it is today
• Identify titles to diversify your library’s romance collection
• Examine the romance industry and romance reader habits in order to better serve your population


Original broadcast April 29, 2021 

Presenter ~ Amy Dittmeier
Amy Dittmeier is a public librarian living and working in the Chicagoland area. They became a romance fan during their MLIS program and haven’t looked back since. Amy graduated from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee with their MLIS in 2016 and has been in public libraries ever since. In their spare time Amy writes book reviews for Love in Panels and Booklist, and is constantly working on their TBR pile.