How can we understand all the ways our library makes a difference in the community? What new metrics should complement traditional measures like numbers of loans and visits? How do we balance the values which matter to the bodies that fund us, and those which matter to the people we serve? How can we measure those values in terms other than dollars and cents? Once we start thinking about measuring the difference our services make, how can we use that to make better strategic decisions? This session will introduce you to simple, quick-to-master tools and techniques for defining and measuring the value created by your library service, and making future decisions on the basis of your findings. You’ll discover new and effective ways to map and articulate the impact of your library service. Understanding the different kinds of value created by your service can strengthen your strategic decisionmaking, help you with advocacy and communication of your relevance to the community, and support you in identifying new opportunities to help the people you serve.


Original broadcast October 28, 2020

Presenter ~ Matt Finch
Matt Finch is a consultant and strategic planner for libraries and other organizations, helping them to consider the future, find their brightest ideas, and turn them into reality. You can see more about Matt’s work at https://mechanicaldolphin.com/testimonials/