he first step to creating an inclusive library is to ensure that all your patrons can access your resources and services. If your library is like most, one of the primary ways you share information is through PDFs.

This informative program will guide you step-by-step through process of making an existing PDF accessible as well as provide tips on:
• identifying when it is necessary to recreate a document
• common design choices that limit accessibility
• ways to test pdfs for real world accessibility

Original broadcast December 10, 2020 


Presenter: Christina Wray
Christina C. Wray, MLS, MSEd, is the Digital Learning and Engagement Librarian at the University of Central Florida. Since 2006, she has strived to make learning fun and accessible for all library patrons. She has worked with public and academic libraries to improve inclusive library services and provide greater access to information for professionals and patrons alike.