Do you have a little voice in your head? If you hear yourself saying “What little voice” – that’s the one. It can be distracting, wear on your self-confidence and guide you to make some less than helpful decisions. The problem is that it sometimes leads you in the right direction, warns you of troublesome situations and people.

This program will help you distinguish between the helpful conversations and advice and those that will lead you astray.
You will learn how to “train” your little voice to work on your behalf, help you achieve your goals, make good decision, be more organized and communicate effectively, while also keeping you out of trouble.

You will also learn:

• A better understanding of what triggers your little voice
• How to recognize when your little voice is being helpful or hurtful
• A plan and exercises to learn how to use your little voice productively and actually train it to be more helpful, more often.


Original broadcast July 7, 2016

Michael Healey – Biography
Michael works with businesses and organizations that understand the value of developing people as a foundation for continual improvement and capacity building. He has been developing and delivering impactful training programs since 1987.