Libraries aim to serve their communities by acquiring resources and designing programming to meet the needs of their communities. But who exactly lives in your community and what do they want? One way to find out is to use market segmentation. Market segmentation can help you gain insight into the members of your community and help your library become a customer-centric organization. In this webinar we’ll work with at DemographicsNow and look at some consumer profiles from MosaicUSA to help you get to know your patrons better.

At the end of the webinar you will be able to assist with strategic planning to help improve library services by better engaging library users and those who don’t yet use the library.  You will also be able to assist small business owners, entrepreneurs, non-profits and other library users with a tool that can help them see how people spend their money, pick the best location for their business and target their marketing.

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Original broadcast April 19, 2017 

Biography ~ Kira Smith
Kira Smith is a virtual reference provider for Florida’s Ask A Librarian Service. She has Master’s Degrees in Library Science and Education. Kira is a former elementary school teacher and childbirth educator. She has lived in New York, Louisiana, Texas and Florida. She enjoys teaching, technology and travel.