Want to provide more than just a typical storytime outreach for preschools and daycares? In this interactive and informative program we’ll explore strategies for identifying and partnering with organizations on a needs basis, and providing non-traditional outreach and school readiness programs to their facilities.
This webinar will also look at STREAM-based outreach kits and the challenges and future opportunities in preschool and daycare outreach efforts.

As a result of this program, participants will:
• Learn how to identify locations based on need
• Gain an understanding of supporting school readiness in the community
• Learn the challenges and opportunities of providing a non-traditional Early Childhood outreach


Original broadcast November 14, 2019

Biography ~ April Watkins
April has worked with children in some capacity her entire adult life, including six years as a high school journalism teacher, and three years as a Children’s Librarian. She can regularly be seen rocking rainbow knee-high socks, tulle skirts, blue hair, and pigtails as she embodies her childhood heroes, Rainbow Bright and Punky Brewster. She loves scrapbooking, alternative music, dystopian YA novels, and binge-watching. April has a BS in Education from Bowling Green State University and a MA in Library and Information Sciences from the University of South Florida. She currently serves as the Early Childhood Services Senior Librarian for Suffolk Public Library where she has started a city-wide reading initiatives, and transformed the way SPL conducts Early Literacy Outreach. She lives in Smithfield, VA with her husband, two sons, and their very large St. Bernard.