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Recognizing and Shaping your Informal Leaders

Informal leaders are perceived by others as showing higher levels of leading than formal leaders overall. They crave influence, not responsibility. This program dives into the what’s, whys and how’s of working with, communicating with and assigning work clearly to...

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Networking In Libraries

  Networking In Libraries will introduce best practices libraries should utilize to improve and secure their networks at your library. The webinar will walk through best practices for setting up and maintaining software, the overall systems to hardware decisions.This...

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How to Build a Value Based Workplace Culture

 In a 2016 global survey of CEO’s and executive team members conducted by Deloitte, “87 per cent of respondents thought culture was important, while only 19 per cent believe they have the right culture.”So, what is the right culture for your organization or team – yes...

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Telling Your Library’s Story

How do you connect with your community to let them know about upcoming programing, events and important information in today’s new media landscape? From traditional media to social media, how we communicate with our patrons has changed, and in today’s era of fake news...

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Beginning Genealogy: Free Resources

Where do we come from? Researching our family history is becoming more popular with subscription services such as Ancestry.com and 23andMe ancestry kits. But what if we don’t want to spend a fortune answering this question? How can we find our ancestors without costly...

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