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Top Online & Mobile App Homework Resources

 As students head back to school and homework questions starting coming in, this webinar will keep you up to date with websites and apps that can help students stay on top of their assignments and find help when theyneed it.  We will explore free and paid resources...

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All About Audiobooks

Discover why audiobooks have become so popular and how to best serve your patrons in a two-fold presentation. First, learn how to build a collection, utilize selection tools, and understand the unique traits that determine the quality of an audiobook, going beyond the...

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Free Emerging Tech Software

  Are you interested in 3D printing or design? What about game development? Animation? Let's make it happen! Join us for a sampling of the latest (&free!) emerging technologies websites and tools for creating amazing digital content!SlidesOriginal broadcast - July...

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Introducing Immersive Technologies for Libraries

  Immersive Technologies imitate or extend our physical world via digital simulations to give us the sense of being completely absorbed into something. Spatial computing is a new form of immersive technology that combines computer vision and artificial intelligence to...

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Get Prepared to Speak Impromptu

The workplace offers countless opportunities to share one’s thoughts on different topics, some of which require us to spend time in advance planning, preparing, and practicing presentations that incorporate PowerPoint slides and/or other visual aids. Most of them do...

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No, The Customer Isn’t Always Right

  Anyone who has ever served a customer has been told that “The Customer is Always Right”. Even though we know the customer isn’t always right, (they lie, steal, manipulate etc.) it is important to remember that “the customer is always the customer”. The question...

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