Weeding: The Action

Once you have created your plan for de-selection what next?  There are many ways to determine what goes and what stays and usage and age are only two of them.  How do you deal with the digital collection?  What about resource sharing?  Should you sell, donate, or toss...

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Collection Management Policies

The best defense is a good offense. Putting parameters in place for your collection management strategy, in writing, makes it easier for your staff, your board and your community when hard choices or questions arise. Aligning these with your mission and your abilities...

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Weeding: The Plan

“Weeding” in library circles is often a dirty word.  Why would we want to get rid of anything?  Or maybe you have experienced a backlash or resistance from the community, persistent patrons, your board, your staff, or even yourself.  How we approach the task is as...

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