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Privacy Literacy and Data Ethics: They didn’t stop to think if they should Explore data ethics, digital privacy, and the academic librarian’s role in educating and advocating for undergraduate students relating to these topics in this five-part workshop series.  The goal of this series is to educate librarians on data ethics and privacy literacy, encourage discussion, and facilitate future collaborations. Sessions are related, but attendance in every session is not required. During this session, we will explore student privacy related to online instruction and digital learning. With the swift transition to fully remote online teaching and learning with COVID-19, many of the existing problems with student agency and data were magnified, as exemplified by the backlash against online proctoring. We will look at the privacy cost of online learning through the requirement of third-party technologies such as the learning management system and video conferencing software, explore student perspectives on privacy issues, and provide recommendations for library professionals to advocate for student privacy in distance learning environments

Learning Outcomes:
● Identify student privacy issues and perspectives in online education
● Discuss online education through a privacy-minded lens
● Provide strategies and tools for supporting & advocating for students

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Presenter: Lindsey Wharton serves as the Extended Campus & Distance Services Librarian at Florida State University and is responsible for ensuring equitable access to library resources and services for online and off-campus users. Additionally, she serves as the liaison to the College of Social Work, coordinates distance library services and library integrations in the learning management system, and contributes to campus-wide OER and affordability initiatives. Her research interests include distance learning & libraries, open & affordable education resources, and privacy & critical information literacy.

Presenter: Stephanie A. Jacobs is a Blended Instructional Design Librarian at the University of South Florida, where she partners with fellow librarians, faculty members, and others to bring a visual approach to information literacy instruction through the creation of instructional videos, online learning objects, and web-based library instruction. Her research interests include emerging technology for information literacy instruction, privacy issues, student engagement & interaction, educational design, and communication dynamics.