With specific health and safety guidelines in place, outdoor programming is an innovative way to stay active, connected, and relevant in your community. This unconventional way of doing programs gains the attention of non-traditional library users by expanding the libraries reach and meeting the public where they are.

By thinking outside of the box and finding new ways to do programs, you can provide a space where everyone feels welcomed.

During this session participants will learn:
• What are strategies to engage library administration in planning of outdoor programming
• What are ways to advocate for boarder community partnerships when conducting programs outside.
• Learning who can assist with advocating for outdoor programming
• What can be gained from facilitating programs outside
• Examples and Ideas for outdoor programming


Original broadcast September 14, 2021 

Presenter: Nicole Bryan
Nicole Bryan is a Library Information Supervisor at Brooklyn Public Library, the fifth largest library system in the United States. She has spent her career within the social services arena, developing programs and meeting constituents’ needs.

Currently, Nicole assesses the delivery of library services, employing trauma-informed methods, to transitional populations in public library branches and homeless shelters in Brooklyn, New York. She received her MLS degree from Long Island University.