This interactive storytelling session encompasses Oleg’s personal journey of overcoming adversity and is filled with actionable and applicable steps that attendees can use to develop self-efficacy, optimism, resilience, hope and sense of purpose during times of adversity.

Oleg’s story is a great reminder of how every adversity carries within it the possibility of an equal or greater benefit.

As a result of this program attendees will learn to:
• Recognize their current adversity
• Express possible solutions to that adversity
• Reinforce optimism and positive thinking into their life
• Adapt to a new environment through a strategic plan
• Master the newly acquired skills
• Empower themselves to see new possibilities

Original broadcast June 18, 2021

Presenter: Oleg Lougheed
Oleg’s start in life was inauspicious. At 9 years old, he relinquished his parents’ rights and entered a Russian orphanage. At 12 years, he was adopted into a new family, in a new country, halfway across the world, to start a new life.

At 24 years old, he began his journey of helping others live the life they have always dreamed of, despite their hardships and misfortunes by reminding them that their past circumstances do not have to define their future.