Most crime prevention experts will attest that there is no “silver bullet” that can guarantee a safe working environment. Because we live and work in very dynamic environments facing unpredictable challenges, factors and behaviors, we must be ever cognizant of our surroundings, consistently practice safe smart habits and learn to respect our intuition when it signals trouble.
We must also understand our role, responsibilities and ability in such a given situation and be prepared to respond accordingly.
In this interactive Question and Answer program with Captain Harry Katt, he will answer your questions and provide guidance on safety and security issues that libraries face every day.

Submit your questions to Captain Harry Katt before the program by email at 4rceoptions@gmail.com. Please include “December 20th webinar” in the subject line of your email.


Original broadcast December 21, 2018

Captain H.A. Harry Katt (Ret.) ~ Biography
Captain H.A. Harry Katt (Ret.) has over thirty years of law enforcement experience and training. Over the course of his career he has developed a keen insight on personal safety, situational awareness and human behavior in the workplace.

The vast majority of his police experience was in operational field components policing neighborhoods where calls for service were frequent and customer service, personal safety and situational awareness skills were always a priority as they should be for all public servants.
It was on the streets, the back alleys and the door steps where he learned the true value of observation, communication, de-escalation and knowing your options. The same core values he shares with his clients and audiences.