This webinar covers these six critical skills every library leader needs to have. Dr. Steve Albrecht will discuss the value of each, using practical definitions, examples, and ways to apply them for library staff members.

1. Safe and Legal Hiring Practices: Selecting the best candidates to become star employees.
2. Interview Skills Update: How to run individual, panel, and social interviews.
3. Managing a Range of Library Employees: Different approaches work best for different people.
4. Coaching skills update: Managing your Shining Stars, Plow Horses, Smart Slackers, and Problem People.
5. Performance Evaluations: How to write quality employee feedback reports (and train your supervisors to write good ones as well).
6. Progressive Discipline: Being firm, fair, and consistent in your use of employee corrections (including union issues and MOU concerns).


Original broadcast January 28, 2020 

Biography ~ Dr. Steve Albrecht
Dr. Steve Albrecht is best known for his 2015 ALA book, Library Security, and his accompanying workshops and webinars. He has worked as an HR consultant and trainer since 1987. He teaches leadership, supervisory, and HR training programs, live and online, to a wide variety of public sector leaders throughout the US. He holds a doctorate in Business Administration, an MA in Security Management, a BS in Psychology, and a BA in English. He has written 21 books on various business and security subjects.