Click! Click! Click! Do you know what makes for a captivating photo?
Do you wonder how some libraries have the best images in their social
media posts? Don’t you want your photo to be the #bestpicoftheday?

In this one hour session:  We will cover basic photography tips
including simple tricks for photographing people, guides for cropping
images, framing, and basic composition. This session is geared to all
levels of photographers, from those who take casual snapshots to those
who are #selfie experts.



Original broadcast April 12, 2017 

Biography ~ Robin Fay
Robin Fay became the Portal Manager/Digital Initiatives for ATCx3 Consortia (Athens, Albany and Atlanta Technical Colleges) in 2013. In this position, she has been responsible for building a digital repository of scholarly content and digitizing Athens Technical College’s Archives. This project has involved cataloging multimedia materials, creating a metadata schema and harvesting protocols (XML/MARC/OAI) for the repository. In addition to this position, she
has served as a trainer for Lyrasis, SEFLIN, and TBLC, in cataloging and metadata topics (FRBR, RDA, BIBFRAME, LCSH, and authority control), among others. Her broad range of experience with cataloging and metadata (Oxford at Emory College, University of Georgia, and GALILEO projects such as the GKR and CRDL), provide her with a deep
understanding of bibliographic information in a larger context. Her book Semantic Web Technologies and Social Search for Librarians was published in 2012 (Neal Schuman/ALA TechSource). Robin is a sought after instructor and presenter with 15 years experience in teaching and training. She holds a MLIS (University of South Carolina); B.A. in English (University of Georgia), with additional graduate work in Computer Programming and Instructional Design.