Libraries are ready for a change! Our academic library went fine free in 2016, and we’re not alone. In this informative and interactive program, we will share why and how we managed to eliminate most overdue fines, aligning our circulation policies with the needs of our most frequent users.

The focus of the webinar will be on planning and implementation of a fine free library. Policies and methods from public libraries will also be included! Join us to find out why your best new policy might be to stop collecting fines.

Takeaways from this program include:

Learning which policy changes make going fine free work best
Fully consider the circulation processes affected by the change
Planning outreach to your staff and community


Original broadcast May 7, 2019

Biography ~ Karen Ryan
Karen Ryan has worked in library access services, both public and academic, for 22 years. She is the Circulation and Reserves Coordinator at Hollins University. She currently runs the circulation and reserves department, oversees the Wyndham Robertson Library side of co-lending with our partner Roanoke College’s Fintel Library, coordinates the work study program within various departments of the library, and supervises 24+ undergraduate work study students within the circulation department. In 2016, she worked with Maryke Barber to plan and execute a fine free initiative within our campus libraries and with our partner, Fintel Library.

Biography ~ Maryke Barber
Maryke Barber has worked in libraries for over 20 years. She is Public Services and Arts Liaison Librarian at Hollins University. Her current work includes reference, instruction, collection development and administration; previously, she has also worked in government documents, film cataloging, and gifts & acquisitions. In 2016, she initiated Hollins’ transition to eliminate fines along with the school’s partner library at Roanoke College.