Planning successful library events can be complex enough, but planning library events in coordination with other libraries and outside organizations adds another layer of difficulty. At the same time, these collaborative events can provide the most impact for your library, bringing in new patrons and making them aware of your resources.

Based on her experience coordinating the several month long “Harry Potter’s World” event series in an academic library setting, Eva will share what she learned from the process and including the things that worked and failed.

Participants will:

  • Learn about a range of different programming ideas for arranging their own collaborative event series
  • Discuss best practices for organizing and publicizing this type of programming, as well as potential difficulties
  • Consider a selection of potential event assessment methods



Original broadcast October 20, 2016

Eva Sclippa ~ Biography
Eva is the Art Librarian and Coordinator of Instruction at the Scholes Library, which in turn is at Alfred University in far western New York. In this role she acts as subject specialist and liaison to the art and art history departments, as well as providing and assessing information literacy instruction. She also has an interest in outreach and public relations, and while at Alfred has had the opportunity to explore these interests.

Most recently, she was able to be part of the team that launched our personal librarian program, creating a set of popular librarian trading cards. She also had the opportunity to lead a project that brought a traveling Harry Potter exhibit to campus, organizing a series of lectures, receptions, scavenger hunts, exhibitions, and other events to accompany it.