If the world of Public Relations mystifies you, or if your PR efforts aren’t as successful as you’d like them to be, this webinar is for you. Sign up to get the scoop from an insider who works in the library press and consults on library marketing and PR.

Many people who work in libraries aren’t trained in journalism or PR, and simply do the best they can when trying to get the attention of the media and the public. Knowing the right tactics and strategies can make a big difference in whether your messages are really heard, understood, and remembered. In this hour-long session, you’ll learn:

What’s the difference between public relations, publicity, promotion, and marketing?
Why branding and planning matter in PR strategy
How to use the “so what?” test
How can I decide whom to reach out to, and what’s the best way to reach them?
Why and how to build relationships with members of the media
What makes a message effective or ineffective?
Why does the media ignore my press releases and phone calls?
Basic guidelines for the “accidental” PR person


Original broadcast November 29, 2016

Kathy Dempsey Biography
Marketing Maven Kathy Dempsey is a consultant and trainer through her business, Libraries Are Essential (www.LibrariesAreEssential.com), and author of the book The Accidental Library Marketer. She’s given presentations across the U.S. and Canada. Her work is dedicated to helping librarians and information professionals promote their value and expertise in order to retain respect and funding. Kathy has been the Editor of the Marketing Library Services newsletter for 22 years and was formerly Editor-in-Chief of Computers in Libraries magazine. She also blogs at The ‘M’ Word, and is an active member of the New Jersey Library Association.