The mobile consumer medical business is booming with wellness apps, wearables and consumer-based health and genetic testing and our users are often utilize these services. Library users are learning about their health with apps and wearables and exploring their backgrounds with genealogy-based genetics testing to learn and share all sorts of information about themselves. We’ll examine the information these apps, devices and tests can provide and collect to help librarians:
• educate library users about who owns that information
• learn why they might or might not want to share it
• understand how to protect their data from insurance companies, marketers, hackers and other interested parties.


Original broadcast November 15, 2017 

Biography ~ Kira Smith
Kira Smith is a virtual reference provider for Florida’s Ask A Librarian Service. She has Master’s Degrees in Library Science and Education. Kira is a former elementary school teacher and childbirth educator. She has lived in New York, Louisiana, Texas and Florida. She enjoys teaching, technology and travel.