Not reserved for only engineering, project management is simply the organization and execution of any task, big or small. This webinar will demystify project management and offer concrete tools for the successful completion of your next library endeavor, whether it is a new software adoption or a workflow improvement.

In addition, the development and implementation of teams will be discussed for maximum efficiency in your next project.

Original broadcast date October 14, 2014 

Nan Carmack ~ Biography

Nan Carmack is the Director of the Campbell County Public Library System in central Virginia. She has been working in libraries for 10 years after a brief stint in book selling retail, preceded by a decade in the human services field, working with families and children affected by chemical dependence and abuse and neglect.

With dual master’s degrees in Library Science and Education, Nan finds public librarianship to be the perfect blend of public service and intellectual curiosity. Currently pursuing a doctorate in organizational leadership, she enjoys studying (really!), gardening, knitting, and the assortment of animals on her small farm.