Making library technologies accessible is a challenge—solutions are often expensive and complicated. The Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure (GPII; http://gpii.net), an international development project, plans to address those problems. People with disabilities can choose their own interface features such as large print or text-to-speech.

The GPII stores those needs and preferences in the cloud, and lets users see those interfaces on any device they encounter. GPII’s first use environment will be in libraries, with a co-development program going on right now, and small-scale pilots in 2015.

Attend this webinar and find out more about how GPII works and how your library can get involved.

Original broadcast date October 23, 2014 

Jim Tobias ~ Biography
Jim Tobias has more than thirty-five years experience in accessible and usable technology in both public and private sectors. He has focused on how technologies are designed and used in education, employment, communication, transportation, commerce, and civic participation, for seniors and people with disabilities.