Library staff and the public are connecting to WIFI networks at their workplaces, in coffee shops, McDonalds, convenience stores and many other places. Additionally, many library and consumer services are switching to web based only access.

What you and your patrons may not know is that as connections to the web are made via these access points, some of your information is unknowingly being shared when you connect.
In this informative program, learn how to protect your data, computer and identity while using these networks. You’ll also learn about alternative Internet connections such as tethering, VPNs and hotspots. When the program is over, you’ll be ready to share this valuable information with your patrons!


Original broadcast September 27, 2016

Maurice Coleman ~ Biography
Maurice Coleman has been the technical trainer at Harford County (MD) Public Library in NE Maryland for 10 years and has headed a training and digital consulting practice since the 1990’s. He has over 20 years of experience teaching all ages how to sensibly use technology, computer hardware and software. He has also extensive experience managing and incorporating cutting edge initiatives and projects. He has delivered training on effective technology planning and deployment, social media skills, nonprofit organizational development and fundraising, community organizing, and presentation skills.