Role playing is not an easy thing — to try to become someone you are not. But exploring situations from another person’s point of view can help everyone learn and understand why we become so frustrated at times. Everyone can learn from this experience, even those who think they know everything…or dislike role playing.

Explore together how we can bend the blinders and stretch our vision into other folks’ feelings and ideas, and hopefully open our minds to new trains of thought.

Join us for this fun and informative webinar program and get your role play on as attendees will be invited to actively participate in a role playing exercise.


Original broadcast January 26, 2016

Anne Abate ~ Biography
Anne Abate has worked in a wide variety of libraries and library-related organizations during her career. She is currently the owner of Library Discount Network, a small business that negotiates with database vendors on behalf of library consortia and networks. The company also provides administrative and management support for nonprofit organizations. Anne has been the Executive Director of the Greater Cincinnati Library Consortium, now known as SWON Libraries, where she coordinated the programs, services, and activities for the members.

Pat Farr ~ Biography
Pat Farr has had a wide-ranging career spanning work in a supermarket just after leaving school, to working for a chiropractor, to arranging library conferences for a regional library consortium … and many things in between! She loves talking to people and usually includes some stories from her past when trying to get her point across.