Do your board members understand what it takes to be an effective board member? Do they understand the important role that the Board plays in the accomplishments of the organization? The role the Board plays in helping the organization raise funds?

Boards have legal and ethical responsibilities to their constituents, staff, and communities. Strong, informed boards help the organization gain trustworthiness, provide important entrée to the community, and serve as effective supporters. This webinar will introduce board members to the basics of effective governance by outlining the basic roles and responsibilities of the board and examining strategies for building effective boards. The Board’s role in understanding their fundraising responsibilities and understanding the role of individual board members in fundraising will also be discussed.

In this session, we will cover important information on:

  • General facts on the Nonprofit Sector
  • Three Roles of Nonprofit Boards
  • Board-Chief Executive Partnership
  • Roles and Responsibilities of Individual Board Members
  • Fundraising Responsibilities
  • Strategies and techniques that help board members do as much as possible to help raise money



Original broadcast March 3, 2016

Amy Nisenson ~ Biography
Amy Nisenson is a senior philanthropy professional with a 25 year proven track record of success across corporate, foundation and nonprofit sectors. Amy currently serves in a consultative role to nonprofits in the Richmond, Virginia area and as Executive Director of the Mary Morton Parsons Foundation. As Executive Director, of MMP Amy is responsible for the day –to- day operations of the $120 million foundation and the due diligence and allocation of $5-6 million in grants annually.