If you have ever experienced self-doubt, if you have ever lacked direction, if you have ever wished you could have had your 20/20 hindsight ahead of time… you may be feeling the effects of failure.

But what is failure, really? Does it have to stop us in our tracks? The answer is no. Let’s change how we define, view, and react to our failures. We can learn to smile in the face of a possible setback and take steps to move forward once again.

In this interactive and fun webinar, you will learn:

  • How to cope with losing your sense of career direction
  • How to make the most of constructive criticism
  • The keys to moving past your mistakes
  • How to redefine failure in a helpful way



Original broadcast August 25, 2015 

Instructor Bio ~ Amanda Liss
Amanda Liss is a Sunday Librarian at the Prince William County Public Library in Virginia. She received her Bachelor’s Degree from St. Joseph’s College and her MLIS from Long Island University in New York. Besides having a passion for all things library, Amanda is working on the conversion of her rhyming play about the founding of Jamestown into a children’s book.