Libraries need to evolve — and the coronavirus has show us all that we can. How can we make the positive changes we have seen last? How could patrons be better served if your library did away with your cumbersome, siloed organizational chart, replacing Circulation, Reference, and Technical Services with a structure that speaks to the experiences patrons want to have? In this hands-on session, we challenge participants to consider a structure in service to patrons that prioritizes staff expertise, allows for significant cross-training, and empowers staff to manage their own time and participate more fully in organizational projects.


Original broadcast August 18, 2020

Biography ~ Stephanie Chase
Stephanie Chase is the founder of Constructive Disruption, a consultancy that focuses on c​ onstructively disrupting​ the status quo, using staff-and-user driven principles to unearth what’s possible in our organizations. With more than twenty years of experience in local and municipal government, serving communities ranging from the small and rural, resort communities, and some of our largest urban centers on both the east and west coasts, Stephanie is an accomplished innovator and change leader, with significant experience leading organizational design and effectiveness and change initiatives.
Most recently, Stephanie served as the Director of Libraries for Hillsboro, Oregon. Previously, Stephanie coordinated service strategies for BiblioCommons, was the Director of Library Programs and Services for The Seattle Public Library, a founding member and inaugural chair of national advocacy organization LibraryReads, and founded the Green Mountain (VT) Library Consortium, a statewide consortium serving 150 member libraries. In addition, Stephanie currently serves on the Public Library Association’ Board of Directors and the American Library Association’s governing Council.