The hardest part of aging isn’t always declining health, but often a loss of shared connectedness and community spirit. Feeding seniors’ curious minds and encouraging them to meet one another is a direct investment in your community’s health. From line dancing to origami, painting to hip hop lectures, seniors will try it all! Learn how to create and market fresh events while targeting this mature group.

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Original broadcast Novemeber 2, 2016

Biography ~ Mallory Arents
Mallory Arents is the Head of Adult Programming at Darien Library, managing over 550 programs annually including author events, tech classes, participatory workshops, and more. Her interests include working with diverse populations, marketing and outreach, and out-of-the-box library events. She got into the library business not because she loves books, not because she loves information, but because she loves people. Connect with her on twitter @MLArents or email at marents@darienlibrary.org