Do you have a firm grasp on the various social groups that comprise your library’s service area?  If your library is like most in this country, demographics rapidly change along with the diverse needs of community members.

Are your library’s collections being used as much as they could be?  Do you have effective programming?  When was the last time (if any) you asked these questions?

Identifying and understanding your community’s underserved population will open your eyes to a new world of acquisitions and event programming.

During this though provoking webinar, participants will learn how to:

  • Identify underserved community members

  • Survey and assess the special needs of the underserved

  • Make action plans that enable your library staff to serve the needs of your changing community

Kathy Pape ~ Biography
Kathy has worked for ten years in Ohio libraries and is currently the Executive Director of the Conneaut Public Library in Conneaut, Ohio. Kathy also works as a producer, writer, actor, and director for one of Ohio’s cable access channels that provides programming to households in Northeast Ohio and Western Pennsylvania.

Originally broadcast 12/10/2013.