Youth in care are part of your library community, but may not be served through traditional library outreach and programming. These students can be found in a variety of settings with different agencies. Learn how to navigate these settings and agencies and understand common terms and situations.

In this webinar you will learn practical tips and ideas from someone “on the ground” serving these youth in variety of settings for several years. If you want to reach out to these individuals, or want to find ways to increase the effectiveness of your existing programming, this webinar is for you.

Participants will learn about:

  • Background on the variety of circumstances where youth in care reside
  • Suggestions for partnering with agencies serving youth in care
  • Collection development ideas for youth in care
  • Tips and tricks on programming for youth in care


Original broadcast November 3, 2016

Carrie Rogers-Whitehead ~ Biography
Carrie Rogers-Whitehead is an information professional, business owner, instructor, writer, event planner and advocate for digital inclusion and equitable access. She has learned by collaborating across government, academia, nonprofits and business, that communication is key. A frequent trainer on communication, Carrie feels that with empathetic and direct communication, differences can be overcome. She’s taken those principles learned through collaboration and formal debate coursework into this webinar to get you through not only the political season, but through clashes at home and in the workplace.