What does your library mean to you? How has it made a personal impact on you and those you’ve served? Why is it such an important part of your community? While our libraries are stocked full of stories, these are the stories we rarely hear, but need to hear.

Kathy Kliskey takes us through an interactive hour of looking at the wealth of meaningful stories we have right in our hands. She shares a process to help us tell these stories in easy and engaging ways. Kathy then shows us how we can use these stories in a variety of ways to draw more people to the library, enable donors and funders to see the deep value provided, and help ensure our libraries continue to thrive and grow.

Original broadcast May 10, 2016 

Kathy Kliskey ~ Biography
Kathy Kliskey understands the tremendous value of story and of libraries. When she ran her own philanthropy, Everyday Joy, Inc., she partnered with libraries, embracing their culture of generosity and community, as she connected children around the globe through her photography program, Picture Us. Kathy is a seasoned marketing professional and the founder of Vibe Creative Confidence where she teaches professionals from all walks of life how to tap into the power of their own story. www.vibecc.com