We’ve all heard the cute saying that “if we were supposed to talk more than listen, we’d have two mouths and one ear!” As cute as that is, it also carries some truth, doesn’t it?

Communication experts say that 42% to 57% of our time communicating is spent listening – or maybe we should say “hearing,” since we all can be adept at hearing without listening. Isn’t it amazing that we can be looking someone directly in the eye and nodding our heads – and still be thinking of what we’re going to have for dinner tonight?!

Even in this day of non-stop electronic communication – emailing, instant messaging, and texting – we still need to “listen” to be able to communicate effectively.

In this session, we’ll discover your preferred listening style – and the listening styles of others. For example, if you tend to look at the clock constantly, it may appear to others that you aren’t listening – even when you are. When you understand different listening styles, you can become a better listener by adapting your style to the speaker. We’ll look at why preferred listening styles might change and how you can become more aware of your own style as well as others.

We’ll also learn other ways to become a more effective listener – and improve your life! You’ll leave this session with a list of more than 20 tips you can use to make sure you are really listening to those around you.

And do you know the biggest puzzle about listening? No? Come to this webinar and find out!!

Linda Bruno ~ Biography

Linda has been developing and conducting training seminars for more than ten years. Certified with Development Dimensions International and Achieve Global, she also offers her own workshops on Customer Service, Supervisory Skills, Personalities, Organizational Skills, Effective Communication, Returning Balance to Your Life, and many other topics.

Originally broadcast 06/03/2014