More than ever, college and university success is driven by impact measures that demonstrate value to funders and stakeholders. Libraries depend on subject and liaison librarians to know what stakeholders need, and use these insights to shape services and programs. But the nature of liaison work is changing, and demanding that librarians reach out to stakeholders — and each other — in new ways.

In this session, you’ll learn:
– the changing drivers of impact on college and university campuses;
– the increasing importance of relationship capital in liaison work;
– a suggested method for uncovering the diverse needs of campus stakeholder communities
– mechanisms to track outreach work to improve understanding of our users’ changing needs and expectations.


Original broadcast May 27, 2020

Biography ~ Rita Vine
Rita Vine, MA, MLS is a professional librarian and facilitator who helps librarians deepen outreach, engagement, and institutional impact while honoring cherished practices and professional values. Formerly Head of Faculty & Student Engagement at the University of Toronto, Rita coordinated the work of over 80 liaison librarians. In 2017-18 Rita was a Visiting Program Officer for the Association of Research Libraries, where she led ARL’s Reimagining the Library Liaison project. Rita now splits her time between Florida and Toronto Canada. She can be reached at ritavine@gmail.com