This session will act as a crash course for newly minted Volunteer Coordinators. We’ll cover not just the basics of running your program but will show you how to excel and realistically build a fabulous volunteer program that benefits your organization, your volunteers, and your sanity!

We’ll cover:
10 best practices for Volunteer Coordinator
How to show the $ value of your Volunteer Program
Thinking creatively about Volunteer Positions in your organization


Original broadcast October 29, 2020 

Biography ~ Megan Schadlich
Megan Emery has been working in public libraries for over 13 years in three states; most recently as Experience Designer & Coordinator for the Chattanooga Public Library’s 4th Floor Maker Space and Teen Department. She’s the author of Cooking Up Library Programs Teens & Tweens Will Love: Recipes for Success and a two time winner of the YALSA’s Writing Award. The only time she’s left libraries was to take on a 1 year position to teach volunteer management to nonprofits for the Maine Commission of Community Service and the Greater Portland United Way.