Not everyone wants to become a manager, but for those who think they do, it’s important to consider “Why?” Is it better pay, greater power, or more prestige?

During this webinar, we will review expectations that people often have about managerial positions and how those expectations compare to reality. We will discuss the skills and abilities you need to be an effective manager and how you can adjust expectations in order to have a successful transition to management instead of a rude awakening.

Participants will learn:

  • Identify their own motivations for wanting to become a manager
  • Compare their expectations to real-life managerial scenarios
  • Learn which skills, abilities and qualities will help them become an effective  and successful manager

Original broadcast January 26, 2017

Elizabeth Hensley ~ Biography

Elizabeth Hensley is a Branch Administrator for the Montclair Community Library in the Prince William Public Library System. She was the Leadership Development Forum Chair for the Virginia Library Association and has worked with libraries in Virginia for more than 20 years.