Being a solo librarian doesn’t have to mean being alone! Teaming up is vital in ensuring your library runs efficiently for patrons, students, and faculty. However, the idea of collaboration can be easily overlooked when imagining life as a solo librarian – they can only to rely on themselves, correct? Well, not always. For those who fly solo, collaboration can be possible either with librarians at other organizations or, in the case of this presentation, with librarians on other campuses within an academic institution. The importance of working with others does not diminish simply because one is a lone librarian.

Jersey College is a private nursing school with five campuses: two in New Jersey and three in Florida, with a total of three full-time librarians – each the sole librarian on their campus. We work together to provide library services to all students – even those on campuses without a librarian. In order to ensure our libraries all meet the same standard, we must act as a team. Since our libraries span two states which are very much separate, we utilize eight tools for collaboration: TeamViewer, Google Drive, Polycom, LiveBinders, Adobe Connect, SurveyGizmo, Screencast-O-Matic, and Ask a Librarian. Each tool serves a unique purpose.

Though the focus of the presentation highlights solo academic librarianship, these tools can be used by librarians of all types. Innovation is crucial in libraries, especially as libraries adapt to ever-evolving technology. With budget cuts finding more and more librarians in solo positions, knowing what tools are available for collaboration can keep libraries moving forward.



Original broadcast November 19, 2015 

Instructor Bio ~ Rebecca Durney, Jessica Kiebler, David Golann
Rebecca Durney is a University of South Florida graduate, receiving her MLIS degree in 2013. She currently works as a solo librarian for Jersey College, School of Nursing in Tampa, FL. She enjoys working with students to help them achieve academic success through user-friendly information sessions and patron-centered service.

Jessica Kiebler received her MLIS from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ.  With a background in education, Jessica enjoys her work in academic libraries helping students to become more information literate through in-class instruction and library programming. She currently works at Berkeley College in White Plains, NY. 

David Golann has been librarian and Composition teacher at the Ewing campus of Jersey College since 2012. Before that, he worked for a New York publishing company for six years. He graduated with an MLIS from Rutgers in 2012, an MPhil in American Literature from the University of Cambridge in 2005, and B.A. in English from Amherst College in 2004.