Library makerspaces are known for providing equitable access to emerging technologies. Learners in all libraries gain access to these technologies, and use them to catapult their own learning. Library staff also use the emerging technologies to learn. When librarians and library users are undergoing a process of transformation together, we have a truly participatory library system. Student leaders, and library users, can take on roles new to them. This process is empowering, helps to lead the library, and helps individuals gain more job skills. In this session, we’ll explore these pathways, the challenges, and opportunities that are available, when one uses the makerspace as a participatory library learning network.


Original broadcast January16, 2019

Biography ~ Amy Vecchione
Amy Vecchione is an Associate Professor and Head of Emerging Technology and Experiential Learning at Albertsons Library Boise State University. In all of her work she aspires to connect individuals to the training, resources, and community they need to be successful. She works to democratize access to emerging technologies.