You’re accustomed to conducting presentations off-the-cuff: sharing anecdotes and responding to questions from the audience. You enjoy the spontaneity of the give-and-take, creating your agenda on the fly. Now you’ve been asked to create a set of slides for an hour-long webcast or in-person presentation, and your jumble of experiences and advice is resisting a linear format.

Or, although you know your webinars and slideshows are popular, some attendees complain that they lack substance and that usable content is lacking. Participants don’t have much to share when they are obligated to present your ideas to their co-workers after your presentations. Also, it’s difficult to justify to their supervisors the expense of attending your programs when they do not live up to the promise of the titles.

Or, you are on a tight deadline to create a webinar, and you don’t know where to start. You need practical shortcuts to turn a pile of notes into a set of slides, and you want to do more than entertain your participants. You are afraid of being tedious, and you know you shouldn’t put a thousand words on one slide. But is one word really enough?

Or, you don’t have much experience with creating slides and webinars, and you receive conflicting advice that feels somewhat overwhelming. You need to get unstuck, fast.

The key idea of this presentation and every presentation needs a key idea, is that creating an outline that organizes your content into five or six steps can save you time and ensure that your participants leave with solid information they can apply in their workplace. Once you build that framework you can add exercises, examples, stories, and illustrations to engage and entertain, but…content and framework come first!

Topics include the limitations inherent in slide presentations, creating outlines, reasonable interactions with your audience, using big ideas to engage your audience, and why content is king (and queen)!

Identify your presentation’s key idea.
Create an agenda for your five main topics.
Edit and simplify your content to fit the time you have.
Feel more confident and competent the next time you are asked to come up with slides for a webinar.


Original broadcast April 24, 2019

Biography ~ Pat Wagner
Pat Wagner has been a trainer and consultant for libraries since 1978 using e-mail, platforms, and now social media to serve clients across the United States (and the solar system) who she has never met face-to-face.. She presents at state and national library conferences as well as working with libraries of all types from Alaska to Florida. She has been a frequent visitor to Florida libraries and was a facilitator for the Sunshine State Library Leadership Institute for several years. Pat focuses on skills needed to support better productivity and workplace relationships, from personnel issues to strategic planning. She is known for her practical and good-humored programs.