When we think of taking initiative, we sometimes confuse that idea with pushing others out of the way, trying to gain the favor of our supervisor, or just being plain bossy. Really, though, it just means expressing ourselves and being our best selves.

Maybe that involves being willing to offer an unusual idea, volunteering for something instead of being “voluntold,” or any number of other things that show we want to use this power skill to set ourselves apart.

And don’t misunderstand — “setting ourselves apart” does not equate to thinking we are better than others. But certainly we are different than anyone else. Did you catch that? Different than ANYONE else! Wow!

That means we have something to offer that no one else can and, unless we actually offer it, no one will ever know. That would be very sad indeed 😊. Come to this webinar and learn how to take initiative – a real power skill for work…and life!

Linda Bruno develops and conducts training for library clients across the United States. She offers a wide variety of topics such as customer service, supervisory skills, and personalities (along with many others). She loves the learning that happens when people share their experiences in this thing we call life!

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