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Jessamyn West has been helping people with their computers in rural Vermont for 15 years and she’s created a simple privacy toolkit to help people understand the complicated world of online privacy. She’ll share her talk and the resources she uses to support the talk so that more librarians can help their patrons stay safer and more confident online.

Bio: Jessamyn West is a library technologist from Randolph Vermont. She is a nationally known speaker, writer, and educator on the issues facing today’s libraries. Her blog focusing on libraries and politics, Librarian.net, is one of the earliest and longest running librarian websites. She writes a column for Computers in Libraries magazine and is the author of the book Without a Net: Librarians Bridging the Digital Divide. As a librarian without a library, for the past fifteen years she has spent most of her time working with her local community as a hands-on technology educator.

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