Staff have long served as technology instructors to our communities; what does that role look like in the year 2018 and beyond? This presentation will look at common topics, suggested curriculum, and best practices. A variety of approaches will be covered, including one-on-one, small group, drop-in, and passive instruction. With the right preparation, libraries can continue to help our patrons navigate the rapidly changing tech landscape!

Original broadcast October 17, 2018 


Biography ~ Nick Tanzi
Nick Tanzi, Assistant Director, Technology Services Mastics-Moriches-Shirley Community Library
Nick Tanzi is the Assistant Director of Technology Services at the Mastics Moriches-Shirley Community Library in Suffolk County, NY. He has spoken in the U.S. and abroad on digital services in libraries, 3D printing, video game design, staff training, social media marketing, and other technology-oriented topics. He is the author of Making the Most of Digital Collections Through Training and Outreach, which received a starred review from Library Journal. Tanzi was named a 2017 Dewey Fellow by the New York Library Association, and currently serves as Vice President of its Making and STEAM Round Table.