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Kids are staying out once school is over, eager to hang out with their friends and relax before the pull of homework takes over. But where do they go after school, before mom/ dad/caregivers leave work? To the library of course!

Libraries are the after school hangout for many communities. But this can mean problems too. Are you having trouble with your teens behaving in the library? Are some other members of the public (or staff!) treating them unfairly? Why do we need to be nice to teens anyway?

This class will address the topic of teens in the public library and how your library can be a safe, inviting, and happy place for teens (and staff!). We invite librarians from all departments to attend this workshop.

Presenter ~ Sarah Sogigian
Sarah Sogigian is the Executive Director of the Massachusetts Library System, a state-supported collaborative, fosters cooperation, communication, innovation, and sharing among member libraries of all types.
She spent years working in the public library field in a variety of roles. Sarah taught classes, led a Young Adult department, coordinated volunteers, and served as her library’s tech librarian. After leaving the public library, Sarah served as the Youth Services Consultant for the Metrowest and Boston Regional Library Systems before continuing in that role with the MA Library System. After becoming the Consulting and Training Services Director in 2015,  she moved into her current role in 2019. She has been an active participant with YALSA, serving on various committees for over 10 years, and was elected to YALSA’s Board of Directors for a 3-year term in 2012.

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