Whether you are a newly-minted librarian or a senior administrator, communication is central to your work. You communicate with library users, with colleagues, and with stakeholders. And chances are, you wish you could communicate more effectively, especially when communicating by email.

Email is how business gets done, but too often clearing out your inbox feels like a chore. Have you ever backed out of a dense, overwhelming email? Is there someone whose email you procrastinate opening because you know it will be a hassle? Don’t be that person. Learn simple techniques, structures, and strategies to make your email irresistible.

Participants will learn:
• The structure and style of successful communication
• How understanding your audience achieves your purpose
• How to write clear, concise, organized, and effective email
• Why design matters, even for email


Biography ~ Andy Spackman
Andy Spackman is Business and Communications Librarian at Brigham Young University where he also teaches at the Marriott School of Management. Andy received his MBA from BYU and his MLIS from the University of North Texas.

He has served as President of the Utah Library Association and Chair of ALA RUSA’s Business Reference and Services Section. He is a frequent speaker on innovation, business research, and communications.