The Laws of Boundaries are just like those of gravity. You can try to ignore them, but they are still in action. Working with patrons, volunteers, and other staff can test the best of intentions. Clearly defining your “no”, allows you to fully give a yes.

Increasing all over personal wellness, workplace cohesion, and patron experience; the Law of Boundaries gives us permission to define a boulder that must be conquered together, and helps define what our own backpack of responsibility is.

This fun and interactive webinar explores the Laws of Boundaries and includes exercises and techniques to increase not only workflow, and patron experience, but personal wellness, as well.


Original broadcast April 2, 2015 

Instructor Bio ~ Jennifer Grantham
Jennifer has developed and conducted communication programs for organizations and their leaders for the last ten years. She was awarded the NAPW Woman of the Year Award in 2013 and holds degrees in both Theology and Life Coaching. She is the founder and owner of ManicSocial, an organization that helps others navigate the world of Social Media for the benefit of their customers and communities.